Current Donors

Thank You Donors

We celebrate our Legacy of Giving every day.  Your contributions help fund the ELEF’s mission of providing materials and resources to keep the quality of East Lansing’s schools at it’s very highest.

The East Lansing Educational Foundation is very grateful to all our donors who have contributed in the past year.
Contributed in 2015:

Individual Donors

Taibat Abdulkadri
Nancy Abramson
Pauline Adams
Susan Allis
Jim Anderson
Kifayeh Assaf
William Bachmann
Jennifer Banks
James and Jodi Bappert
Ralph and Mary Barrett
Johannes Bauer and Susan Woods
Renee Beaufore
Thomas Blues
Alvin and Dorothy Boettcher
Yasimina Bouraoui
Christopher and Joan Boylan
Mona Brandou
Alexis and Dennis Branoff
Janet and Raymond Brock
Patricia and David Brogan
Patricia and George Brookover
Robert Brown
Sally Burroughs
Scott and Molly Carney
Dorinda Carter Andrews
Marilyn and Calvin Chamberlain
Eleanor Chapin
Laurie and Dave Chapin
Dan and Janet Chegwidden
Barbara and Edward Church
Frances and Michael Clark
Mary and Eric Crawford
Warren Creamer
Patty and Jim Croom
Dorrance Dean
Peter and Laura DeGuire
Tim and Heidi Dempsey
S W Dittenhofer
David Draggoo
Kevin and Lauri Draggoo
Judy Dunn
Jason and Jennifer Early
Rick and Mindy Emerson
Alan and Carol Fisher
Dolores and Hiram Fitzgerald
Linda and Dennis Fliehman
Denise Frieder Carr and Tom Carr
Ann Fuller
Ramjee and Sajana Ghimire
Pamela and Phillip Gillespie
Colleen Graber
George and Susan Graeber
Linda and Leon Gregorian
Dorsey and Karl Gude
Linda Guider Grua and Mark Grua
Shirley Guider
Dr. Edmund Hagan
Helen Hagens
William Hall and Helen Ross
Thelma Hansen
Linda and Kenneth Hanson
Pete Hasbrook Jr. and Annette Hasbrook
Larry and Mary Hennessey
Eleanor Heusner
Larry Hogue and Diane Wilcox
Iris and David Horner
Ellen Ives and Colleen Johnson
Mary Jesse and David Juckett
Jeffrey Johnson
Satish Joshi and Ranjani Krishnan
Patricia Kaplan
Jon Kazsuk
Kevin A Kelly Action Fund
Elaine Knox
Annette Kopachik
James and Kathleen Lammers
Jeffrey Lapinski and Beverly Bonning
Mary Ann and John Larzelere
Wanda and Keith Lipscomb
Jean and David Long
Veena Mandrekar
Bob and Nancy Marshall
Rob Marshall
Julie and Pete Martens
Van and Sharon Martin
Bill and Sandra Mason
Jim McClintock
Ann and Mike McDaniel
James McDaniel
Carol McEllhiney Luster
David and Nancy McKeague
Barbara McMillan
Gary Mescher
Vernon Mesler and Nan Jackson
Bob and Nancy Metzger
Margaret Metzger
Elaine Michener-Israel and Mark Israel
Norman Miller
Robert and Shelagh Miller
Minesh Mody
Sylvia Morse and Scott Swinton
Justin and Lori Mullins
Sally and James Newton
Irvin and Christy Nichols
Kerrin O’Brien
Lola O’Meara
Lois Park
Martin Pennington
Karen Petersmarck
Ellen Pollak and Nigel Paneth
Barb and Dave Powers
Susan Price
Jorge and Elizabeth Ramos
Brenda and Steve Ramsby
Christine and Mark Randak
John Revitte
Dr. William Robertson
David and Cheryl Ronk
Ben Ropp
Bradley and Margaret Ropp
Susan and Michael Ropp
Sylvia Rundquist
Nancy and Eric Schertzing
Jim Sellman and David Balas
Anastasia and Ashton Shortridge
Brian and Sally Silver
Rick and Marty Simonds
Philip and Carolyn Sinder
Jim Smith and Rebecca Grumet
Christopher and Charlotte Smith
Suzanne Sontag
Tom and Kay Sparks
Paul Spata
Gina and Craig Spencer
James and Alicia Stapleton
Donna Starr-Prince and Hank Prince
Louise Sternberg
Mark and Theresa Stevens
Jessie Storey-Fry
Gale Strasburg and Chris Reay
Mary Strolle
Tonya Sundermann
Lisa Swem
Wendy Sylvester-Rowan
Bing Tai and Catherine Allen
Gloria Taylor
Norma Taylor
Julie G Thomas-Beckett and Rocky Ray Beckett
Susan Topping
Jane Turner and Elias Strangas
Tom and Teresa Villarreal
Nancy and Bruce Weber
Jeffrey Weiner
Gretchen Whitmer
Seann Willson
Barbara Zynda

Corporate Donors

Brookover, Carr and Schaberg
City of East Lansing
Coral Gables
Dean Transportation
Kevin Dragoo, Dragoo Huber Team, Merrill Lynch
East Lansing Basketball Club
Grand Grillin’
Grand Traverse Pie
Grua, Tupper and Young, PLC
Horizon Bank
ITC Holding Corp
Jackson National Life
Plante and Moran, PLCC
Recruitment Management Consultants
Thrun Law Firm, PC
Tomie Raines, INC.