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Grants for Teachers

This program is designed to provide grants directly to teachers for materials and experiences that will enhance the learning environment in the classroom. Grant requests will be reviewed, and funds will be distributed in the Fall. The maximum grant amount is $750.

Program Guidelines — Grants for Teachers

All employees of the East Lansing Public Schools are eligible to submit a grant request.

  • Each grant request must address the following considerations:
    • How will this grant impact the education of the students?
    • Is the scope of the grant enrichment or remedial in nature?
  • Materials and technology cost must be pre-approved by the Director of Technology.
  • Funds must be sought from other sources, including building or curriculum budget, before submitting a request to ELEF.
  • Guest speakers will be covered, provided the speaker gives permission to tape the program.

Grant recipients are required to report back to the foundation about the use of their grant funding and how it has impacted students.

Grant History

Established in September 1984, the East Lansing Educational Foundation recognizes that the quality of an educational system and the vitality of the community it serves are inexorably intertwined. In hopes of nourishing and strengthening this relationship, the Foundation, through the use of private resources, has committed its support to programs and projects which supplement the educational opportunities available to our children.

The Grants for Teachers program was designed to fulfill this mission. Currently, the Grants Committee accepts and processes grant applications in the spring. In its nearly 40-year history, the East Lansing Educational Foundation has funded more than $925,000 in grants to the teachers and students of East Lansing Public Schools. These grants have enhanced the learning environment for all students, reaching each and every one of the ELPS schools.

Collaboration Grants

This program is intended to inspire collaboration for use of funds within entire school buildings, grade levels, or subject areas within the ELPS district.

Grant requests will be reviewed, and funds will be distributed in the Fall. The minimum Collaboration Grant amount is $750.

Endowment Fund Grants

This program will support the fund agreement for each of our endowment funds managed by the Capital Region Community Foundation (CRCF). Refer to the application forms for the specific purpose for each fund.

Grant requests will be reviewed, and funds will be distributed in the Fall. The minimum or maximum grant amounts will be determined by the fund agreements.

Program Guidelines — Endowment Fund Grants

Each endowment fund has its own set of guidelines which have been written specifically by the donor or ELEF.  The ELPS Director of Curriculum is the point person for coordinating district requests for these endowed funds; all grant applications come through his/her office. The Endowment Grant application process occurs, and funds are distributed in each Fall.

Grants Awarded 2023-24

For the 2023-24 school year ELEF awarded $70,000 in grants for ELPS students.

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