Your Donations Can Make a World of Difference!

How to donate

  1. Visit the link below which will take you through an online portal to maximize your online security:
  1. Print out and send in our contribution form by clicking here and mailing it to us at:


East Lansing Educational Foundation
501 Burcham Drive
East Lansing, MI 48823

or contact us at our offices in East Lansing at: (517) 333-7439.

Why donations help

While we continually strive for excellence in East Lansing education, the environment has become increasingly challenging. Shrinking budgets, economic uncertainty, and increased demands for precious learning resources threaten our school district. It is in this environment and in these times that the community must rally its resources and come together to support our students.

Read the 2018 Membership Letter from ELEF president Kwafo Adarkwa to see how your donations made a difference in East Lansing Public Schools last year. 

Please consider giving generously to the East Lansing Educational Foundation to insure the continued legacy of excellence in our schools.

Any contribution for any dollar amount helps. Please keep us in your thoughts and in your actions during this giving time of year and in the coming year.

You can also donate directly to one of our named, endowed funds which are held in fiduciary trust through the Capital Area Community Foundation.  These funds are managed so that they guarantee a funding stream in perpetuity for designated programs within East Lansing Schools. Contact us at (517) 333-7439 to learn more.

  1. Your generous contribution stays directly in the community.
    Nearly all dollars collected go directly to fulfill the mission of the East Lansing Educational Foundation to provide the most extensive support for our schools and staff that we possibly can. We maintain very low administrative costs.
  2. Your generous contribution keeps alive the legacy of excellence synonymous with East Lansing Public Schools.
    Whether you are alumni, a parent of current students, or a resident of East Lansing, the value of having a superior school district is obvious. East Lansing Public Schools stand out area wide and statewide, and so do our students. Your contribution helps assure that they always will.
  3. Your generous contribution keeps East Lansing on the cutting edge of innovation that is so critical in this global age.
    Through your contributions, we can continue to provide the supplemental materials and enhanced instructional opportunities that keep our students at the forefront of innovation in academics and the arts.
  4. A superior school district is at the core of a strong community.
    As schools go, so goes the community. From property values to quality of life, from community pride to perceived value of a diploma from East Lansing, all of it starts at the doors of our schools. Supporting our educational efforts supports all of us.
  5. It’s tax deductible!
    An unapologetic appeal to your pocket book? Sure…but sometimes it’s good to state the obvious.