Current Donors

Thank You Donors

We celebrate our Legacy of Giving every day.  Your contributions help fund the ELEF’s mission of providing materials and resources to keep the quality of East Lansing’s schools at it’s very highest.

The East Lansing Educational Foundation is very grateful to all our donors who have contributed in the past year.

Donors from January 1, 2017 - January 9, 2018:
Nancy Abramson
Pauline Adams
Kwafo Adarkwa
John Addis
Susan Allis
Donna and George Anderson
Pam Andrews
William Bachmann
Richard Ball
Polly and Doug Barr
Robert and Carolyn Boger
Christopher and Joan Boylan
Justin and Jennifer Bricarell
Patricia and David Brogan
Robert Brown
Sally Burroughs
Claire Byerrum
Al and Beth Cafagna
Patricia Campbell and Loyal Weiler
Judy Campbell
Scott and Molly Carney
Richard Carson
Dorinda Carter Andrews
Bill and Julie Cawood
Eleanor Chapin
Laurie and Dave Chapin
Jennifer and Delbert Chenault
Frances and Michael Clark
Sonja Cornell
Marlene Cosgrove
Mary and Eric Crawford
Patty and Jim Croom
Tim and Heidi Dempsey
Judy Dunn
Bruce and Nancy Dunn
Audrey Durkin
Jason and Jennifer Early
Mark Edington
Virginia and Tony Egnatuk
Rick and Mindy Emerson
John and Melissa Endres
Dolores and Hiram Fitzgerald
Linda and Dennis Fliehman
James Forsyth
Denise Frieder Carr and Tom Carr
Jacqueline Fuller
Susan Godfrey
George and Susan Graeber
Linda and Leon Gregorian
Mike Gresens
Linda Guider Grua and Mark Grua
Shirley Guider
Dr. Edmund Hagan
Helen Hagens
William Hall and Helen Ross
Linda and Kenneth Hanson
Pete Hasbrook Jr. and Annette Hasbrook
Linda Hegstrom and Neal Villhauer
Larry and Mary Hennessey
Karen and Alan Henry
Marjore Hogle
Donald and Jacqueline Holecek
Patrick and Cathie Jo Holleran
Iris and David Horner
Ted Hull
Ellen Ives and Colleen Johnson
Mary Jesse and David Juckett
Jeffrey Johnson
Donna and Michael Kaplowitz
Emalie and Richard Karp
Elizabeth Keenan and David Houston
Kevin A Kelly Action Fund
Elaine and Frank Knox
Annette and Will Kopachik
Cynthia Kyle and John Lindstrom
Angela Lanczynski
Mary Ann and John Larzelere
Margaret Maddock
Andrea Magyar
Rob Marshall
Pete and Julie Martens
Bill and Sandra Mason
Jerry and Joan Mattson
Ann and Mike McDaniel
James McDaniel
Vickie and David McGrain
David and Nancy McKeague
Barbara McMillan
Jonathan and Teri Meeker
John Melcher and Cindy Herfindahl
Margaret Metzger
Deanna Meyers
Robert and Shelagh Miller
Norman Miller
Nelson Missbach and Judy Tant
Jill and David Mittleman
Melanie Morrison
Sylvia Morse and Scott Swinton
Sally and James Newton
Irvin and Christy Nichols
George and Marilyn Nugent
Carla O'Gene
James and Margaret Pestka
Karen Petersmarck
Christine Pierce
Kate and Jeffrey Powers
Barb and Dave Powers
Brenda and Steve Ramsby
Blair and Rebecca Renfro
John Revitte
David and Cheryl Ronk
Michael and Susan Ropp
Bradley and Margaret Ropp
Sylvia Rundquist
Andrea Rutledge
Thomas and Sheila Schimpf
Jerry Schuur
Jim Sellman and David Balas
Mary Shankland
Anastasia and Ashton Shortridge
Brian and Sally Silver
Jim Smith and Rebecca Grumet
Christopher and Charlotte Smith
Suzanne Sontag
Paul Spata
Louise Sternberg
George and Ida Stockman
Paul Stokstad and Paula Winke
Jessie Storey-Fry
Mary Strolle
Dan and Ruth Stump
Lisa Swem
Wendy Sylvester-Rowan
Bing Tai and Catherine Allen
Julie G Thomas-Beckett and Rocky Ray Beckett
Susan Topping
Jane Turner and Elias Strangas
Bob Ulrich and Patti Oates-Ulrich
Steve VanNocker and Clare Tanner
Jim and Amy Wallace
Roger and Suchitra Webster
Seann Wilson
Barbara Zynda

Corporate Donors - January 1, 2017 - January 9, 2018:
Clark Construction
Class of 1959
Consumers Energy Foundation
Coral Gables
Dean Transportation
District Parent Council
East Lansing Basketball Club
East Lansing Womans Club of East Lansing
Grand Grillin
Grand Traverse Pie Company
Grua, Tupper and Young
H & H Mobil
Horizon Bank N.A.
Kevin Draggoo, Merrill Lynch, Draggoo Huber Team
Michael Peters, D.D.S
MSU Federal Credit Union
Sylvan Learning Center
Thrun Law Firm